Paola Montoya-Watson grew up in the bustling city of San Francisco. After graduating high school, Paola studied Human Development and Psychology at Life Pacific University and graduated in 2019. It was at LPU where Paola met her now husband Zachary Watson (Our M4 Youth Pastor). In the summer of 2019 Paola and Zachary join our M4 family. Paola also found a job working as a Behavior Specialist at Horizon Elementary. She helped students navigate through emotions and become more academically successful.


Paola has a passion for young adults. Just as Jesus has redeemed, transformed and ignited her own life, she seeks to empower her generation to lean into the gospel and be CAPTIVATED by God to then captivate the world.


Testimonial from Paola Watson:

“I was born into a Catholic household. At the age of 5, my aunt introduced me to Jesus. Without hesitation, I whole heartily accepted him as my Lord and Savior! However, it was during my teen years I began to battle with anger, control and suppressing my emotions. This lead to distancing myself from those who loved me most and quickly fell into an eating disorder.  It was in my brokenness where Jesus meet me. It was through him I found healing and freedom. Soon after I knew God was calling me into ministry. Now as a Pastor with a background in psychology, I am a strong believer in reclaiming our narrative and walking His path while helping each other along the way.”


Favorite hobbies:

  • Acrylic painting + Crafts

  • All things fitness

  • Going to every farmers market I can find

  • Constantly learning something new

  • Going on an adventure


Favorite drinks:

  • Currently it’s a Venti Starbucks blond double shot with classic sweetener and extra vanilla sweet cream!


Coffee or tea:

  • BOTH. Love myself a good cup of tea or coffee any day!

Favorite Worship songs?

  • Most Beautiful/So in love by Maverick City Music

  • Promise by Maverick City Music

  • Refiner by Maverick City Music


Favorite food:

  • My mom’s cooking!

  • My husband’s cheese boards!

  • Sushi

  • Thai food

  • Good tacos

Favorite book within the last 6 months?

  • Healing Racial Trauma: The Road to Resilience by Sheila Wise Rowe (It’s a must read)

Favorite things about nature?

  • The ocean

  • Waterfalls

  • Clouds  

Random oddly relatable fact about you?

  • People often say my name wrong but it’s okay. I’ve gotten use to it.

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