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Kat was born the middle child to a mother who had 5 babies before she turned 21 years old. Kat's early childhood was one of abuse, neglect and rejection. Soon she was overflowing with pain and she had no skills to process through it. As she struggled to find her way, She made almost every dysfunctional choice that could be made. Her life became about managing the consequences and accumulating more pain and shame along the way. She lived by the motto: if at first you don't succeed, try try try again. For 40 years, the more she tried the messier her mess became. She needed a Savior!! She finally found her rescue in a relationship with Jesus Christ. She surrendered her "try" and chose to follow him. She is delighted to testify about how he faithfully lead her out of the darkness of depression and despair and onto the path of recovery toward wholeness and healing. Through God's grace and mercy, Kat's life has radically changed. She is excited to share all that God has done, and for the opportunity to encourage others to trade their sickness and shame for the Joy of the Lord. 


Women's Ministry Vision:

Kat has a burning passion to see every woman discover who they were created to be; fully loved and accepted, set free, Holy Spirit empowered, women with a purpose on a mission. She believes that the gifts of God are for everyone and that united together in unity, we can tear down anything that blocks us from the fullness that God has for us. Our God is limitless. In his house there is more than enough for all. We have spent too much time comparing and competing, and not enough championing and cheering on. It's Okay to not be Okay. We all have our stuff that we are working through. No matter where you are at, there will always be a place for you here. 

CR Ministry Vision:

Kat is no stranger to recovery. She has a passion for it.

Do you have a hurt, hang up or habit you are struggling with? You are not alone. We have all been wounded in relationships, that have resulted in all kinds of coping behaviors that can keep us stuck. Isolation, addiction, depression, shame, guilt, avoidance, fear, anger, self-reliance, the list goes on and on. Celebrate Recovery is a place of hope. A place where imperfect folks come together in honesty, to reach out to a perfect God for the tools needed to build a better life. Come just as your are, to hear the amazing stories of people who have learned how to walk out of the chains that held them, into freedom. We have room for you in our forever family because we are better together.


Random Facts:

Grandma Kat is bonkers about her 6 grand babies, adores the challenge of taking down the big game on a bargain hunt, and will pray for anyone anywhere. You might be surprised to learn she has power tools and knows how to use them. She can often be found building something for the perpetual project she calls "home". Don't ask her about hardware stores unless you want to listen real fast : )