Asking Jesus to be your Savior is a

life-changing decision.

Do you think your child is ready to make that decision?
Are they asking questions about what it means to live for God?




Asking Jesus to be your Savior is a life-changing decision. Do you think your child is ready to make that decision? Are they asking questions about what it means to live for God?

Have a conversation with your child about what it means to start a relationship with Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your words. Here are a few questions you can use to guide the conversation:


  • Why do you want to ask Jesus to be your Savior?

  • What is sin? Can you give me an example of sin? Who sins? Did Jesus                                                         

      Sin is the angry, unkind, selfish, or wrong things we do that  keep us from having a relationship with God.            Examples include: telling a lie, hitting a sibling, disobeying your parents, etc. Everyone has sinned. Jesus is        the only one who never sinned.

  • Who is Jesus? What did Jesus do for you? Why did He do it? Jesus is God’s Son. He lived a perfect life and then died on a cross to pay for our sins. God showed that death was defeated by raising Jesus from the dead three days later. Jesus died so we could have a relationship with God. He died because He loves us.

  • What does God say you need to do if you want to follow Him? If you believe Jesus paid the price for your sins on the cross, all you have to do is ask His forgiveness for your sins and He will forgive you!

  • What changes when you ask forgiveness for your sin and follow God? When Jesus saves you, you get a new life in heaven and a new life on earth. That means you get to follow God on earth, and someday you will see Him in heaven, where you will live forever.

  • What does it mean to follow God? What are some ways you can follow God?                                      Following God means loving and obeying Him. You won’t always do it right, but that’s okay. You can follow God by praying to Him, reading your Bible, being kind to others, and going to church.


If your child is ready to ask Jesus to be their Savior, they are ready to...

     Admit they are a sinner and ask forgiveness for their sins.

     Believe that Jesus is God’s Son and that His death and resurrection paid for their sins.

     Choose to live their life for God.


Use the prayer below or your own words to pray with your child to receive Jesus, and then celebrate!


Dear God, I believe Jesus died on the cross to forgive me of all my sins. I admit I am a sinner and do wrong things. Today, I have decided to change and live my life for You. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.




The day someone believes in Jesus is a BIG deal! We want to celebrate the decision your child made with a gift for them! Email M4kids at M4kids@m4church.com to send us their information.


Below are a few ideas for how you can make this a memorable experience for your child and family.


  • Throw a spiritual birthday party for your child. Have cupcakes, candles and ice cream. It’s okay to plan this for the following evening or to make a special spiritual birthday breakfast for your child the next morning.

  • Get your child a special gift, such as a necklace or devotional. Check out lifeway.com or christianbook.com for gifts that will help your child remember this special day.

  • Make salvation bracelets as a family. Your child can wear these as a reminder of what Jesus did for them and of their decision to follow Him.


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