Truly Godly Words of Encouragement

August 10, 2015


Healthy healing words of encouragement are in God's word. If you would truly abide in the word of God, you will find comfort and strength to endure any hardship and pain.


What does it mean to abide in God's word?


"Abide"... the most commonly accepted definition to this simple yet profound word as found in most any dictionary is to 'dwell in' or 'stay in', and even 'live in'. However, could there be another meaning beyond the common that would give Jesus' words "If you abide in me, ..." (John 15:7, KJV)  a more meaningful application to the saying, "Abiding in God's word"?


I beleive there is. Searching Google with the following search keyword without the brackets: [define: abide], I found this result...




abide; 3rd person present: abides; past tense: abided; past participle: abided; gerund or present participle: abiding


1.  accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation)


Go here to see the actual search result for yourself: Definition for 'abide'


Therefore, if we were to apply this definition to the phrase, "Abiding in God's word" we could state it this way ..."To accept (or to act) in accordance to God's word."


Simply put then, abiding in God's word means following His teachings. Taking this definition to heart and applying it is like trading something you consider good for something you have found to be even more rewarding; something excellent. Excellent is exceedingly better than good.


God's Word is Alive - It Quickens


God's word is alive and it gives life.  It quickens, meaning that it empowers and enlivens whatever receives it. It is absolutely all-powerful. The book of Genesis begins by beautifully illustrating the power of God through His spoken word. He spoke things into existence. That is the awesome power of God through His word.


Quickening happens to a person when the word of God speaks to them on a personal level. You can read or hear a story, a testimony, or even a page of information intended to teach you something. However, nothing happens to you personally until you connect with it.


It's like a puzzle that suddenly comes together after you've found and placed the last piece. Then, you can see the whole picture. It turns a complicated mass of disconnected pieces into a beautiful meaningful picture.


God's word is like that. It isn't until you engraft it into your soul and spirit that you really connect with it and are quickened. When the Word quickens something to you, it becomes applicable. Quickening enlivens you. You have a sudden realization of a Truth from God. It is on a deeper more personal level.


God's Word Transforms Lives


In his book, Through the Valley of the Kwai, author Ernest Gordon writes about his experience as a prisoner of war along with a group of American GI's that were captured, tortured and put through starvation by the Japanese army. This account took place in the Malay Peninsula during World War II.


Soon the American soldiers began behaving and acting like animals. They clawed at each other, fought, and stole one another's food. Desparate to prevent complete moral decay, the group began reading and hearing the New Testament.


As Gordon continued to read scripture to them they were converted to Christ. To the utter amazement of their Japanese captors this group of animals was transformed into a loving community of Christian brethren.


How did this happen? God lives in Jesus, and Jesus lives in the hearts of all who faithfully trust in Him. Jesus offers joy, peace, and a transformed life, along with the assurance of salvation and eternal life to anyone who is willing to place their trust in His atoning death and sacrifice.


The God-Shaped Void in a Lost Soul's Heart


What's filling the void in your heart, your life? What are you using to fill that void? Is it things such as material possessions it mind-altering substances and drugs? Maybe it's sex or even a intense pursuit of success in a career? How about pursuit of intellectual growth or maybe continual excitement?


Whatever you are pursuing and using to try to fill that void, you might as well hang it up--nothing can fill that God-shaped void in you heart other than Jesus—it won’t work.


God's love never fails. He loves you so much that He bankrupted heaven to redeem you with His very life. He died an undeserving death so that you and I can live an undeserving life--eternal life. So think about His love...think about His goodness; think about His grace that's brought you through to continue in life. You will see that God's love is a fiery, undeniable love. His love never fails!


Here are Some Godly Words of Encouragement


So now...grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down into your favorite chair and relax while you read and listen to some apples of gold selected from Scripture.


Did that comfort and encourage you? And could you feel His Spirit within you, loving you and inspiring you? Don't you just love God with all of you heart for His good intentions toward you? He is able to do above and beyond all that we can even imagine to ask or think. Wow!


Let us go to Jesus right now in prayer. Pray this prayer with me...


Oh loving Father, Lord Jesus, thank You for Your undying, enduring love.

"To bless Your heart, Lord God, Is my desire;

To let You touch my life And set my heart afire;

To see Your hand of love In all that comes my way;

To learn to hear Your voice Each moment of the day."

In Jesus name, Amen!

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