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Growing In Jesus Together

We are a people on pilgrimage.  It's a journey we're on together, with a common destination - a forever relationship with Father God through faith in Jesus Christ.  The purpose of every church should be to help one another grow in that relationship.  Jesus summed it up this way - "Go, and make disciples" Matthew 28:19.   Paul summed it up this way - "you are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit" Ephesians 2:22.  We sum it up this way - It's all about growing.  It's all about Jesus.  It's all about together.


4 Core Values That Adjust The Direction

1 .Biblical-   We are called to declare and live the truth of the Bible. This means encouraging daily reading of the scriptures. This means the public reading of the scriptures. This means declaring the centrality of the gospel of Jesus when we gather. This means interpreting every issue of life through scripture instead of the society around us.

2 .Relational - We are called to covenant relationship with God and one another. This means a continual focus on love. This means worship is central to our life and church community. This means walking in compassion, love, and acceptance towards one another. 

3. Transformational - We are called to grow into the image of Jesus in our lives. This means pursuing the Spirit-filled life and the expectation of the supernatural. This means pursuing recovery in every aspect of life.  This means providing resources for mental and emotional health. 

 MissionalWe are called to reflect God's big heart for people by living on mission. This means looking for ways to love our community. This means making space for multi-ethnic and multi-generational ministry. This means partnering with unique global partnerships. This means developing and releasing leaders. 

THE ENGINE:  This We Believe

We are a part of the Foursquare Church, with 66,000 churches and 8.5 million members worldwide.  
Click here for more info on Foursquare Beliefs and Distinctives.
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