Worship is more than music.
 it's a life of surrendered words and deeds to Jesus.
However, music and technology can be powerful tools to  draw people into meaningful expression in their relationship with God.  

At M4, we pursue a corporate worship style that is:
1. Christ-centered - Declaring the finished work of Christ is a central theme to Sunday corporate gatherings.
2. Expressive - Encouraging various physical postures that we see in the scriptures can reflect the position of our heart.  Kneeling, laying prostrate, clapping, shouting, laughing, weeping, and dancing are all appropriate at different times.
3. Contextual - Sunday morning worship is different from youth worship is different from a believer's Night of Praise.  
4.Spirit-Filled - Leaving space for prophetic or healing moments is an important part of a congregational worship experience.